CGPCS – Piracy Legal Forum

© UN Photo – Tobin Jones – Old port of Mogadishu (2013)

The Piracy Legal Forum of the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia (CGPCS) is a group of legal experts from all the CGPCS members. Its mission consists in serving as a platform for the study, analysis and discussion of piracy related legal issues, offering legal guidance to the counter-piracy efforts directed to the eradication of piracy in East Africa.

After six years of an historic high number of piracy attacks, hostages and ships held, as well as of ransom amount paid, piracy activity with in East Africa has reached in 2014 its lowest level. The work of the CGPCS has contributed significantly to this impressive progress. However, this progress does not mean that the root causes that are at the very heart of the piracy problem have been superseded. The human and economic impact of piracy was and still is immense.

Taking into account the present stage in the fight against piracy, the CGPCS decided at its plenary session held in Paris on 28 January 2014 to reorganize its structure. The purpose was to make the Group more efficient and cost-effective. As regards piracy legal issues, the Working Group 2, chaired by Denmark since 2009, has transformed itself into the Piracy Legal Forum of the CGPCS. The Forum is currently co-chaired by Portugal and Mauritius.