National Legislation

© UN Photo – Stuart Price – Somali flag (2012)

Australia: Crime Act 1914 (Source: United Nations)Australia: Crimes (Ships and Fixed Platforms) Act 1992 (Source: United Nations)Bahamas: Penal Code (Source: United Nations)Belgium: Loi relative à la lutte contre la (piraterie) maritime et modifiant le Code judiciaire (1) (Source: United Nations)Cuba: Penal Code; Ley contra actos de terrorismo 2001 (Source: United Nations)Cyprus: Piracy National Legislation (Source: United Nations)France: Decree No. 2011-1213 of 29 September 2011 on the application of article 4 of Act No.94-589 of 15 July 1994 in relation to measures against piracy and provisions on the exercise of State policing powers at sea (Source: United Nations)Greece: Penal Code (Source: United Nations)Guatemala: Decreto 56-96 Aprobacion De Convemar (Source: United Nations)Guatemala: Decreto Numero 20-76 (Source: United Nations)Guatemala: Información sobre la legislación nacional relativa a la pirateria (Source: United Nations)Italy: Maritime Code (Source: United Nations)Latvia: Criminal Law (Source: United Nations)Latvia: National Legislation (Source: United Nations)Malta: Criminal Code (Source: United Nations)Mexico: Federal Penal Code (Source: United Nations)Singapore: Penal Code 1849; Maritime Offences Act (Source: United Nations)Spain: Organic Act No. 1 of 2009, supplementary to the Act that reforms the Criminal Procedure Legislation (Source: United Nations)Sri Lanka: National Legislation (Source: United Nations)Thailand: Act on Prevention and Suppression of Piracy B.E 2534 (1991) (Source: United Nations)Togo: Code de la Marine Marchande 1971 (Source: United Nations)United Arab Emirates: National Legislation (Source: United Nations)United States: U.S Statutes relating to Piracy (Source: United Nations)Uruguay: Decreto 181/2004 (Source: United Nations)Uruguay: Decreto 256/992 (Source: United Nations)Zambia: Anti-Terrorism Act, 2007 (excerts) (Source: United Nations)